Quilt Canada 2017
June 14 - 17, 2017
Toronto, Ontario
The International Centre

Quilt Canada 2016 in Toronto Ontario

QC 2017 Registration Tips

  1. Registration opens for members on January 7th at 12:01am EST.  Registration for the general public will open at 12:01am on January 28th.  Once the registration opens for non-members there will no longer be a discount offered for members. REGISTER EARLY!
  2. Each person must register separately and ALL registrants must purchase an admission pass for the days they are attending.  If you are registered in workshops (full day or 2 half days on the same day), the admission pass is included in the course fee.  An admission pass is not required for evening events.  You may choose either a single day or multi-day pass.  
  3. The registration form has been programmed to prevent scheduling conflicts. You will not be able to select conflicting items.  If you check a box for a course and change your mind, re-click the box to remove the check mark and proceed.
  4. Selecting your workshops:  You should have several workshop options ready when you begin the registration process in case your choices are not available.  If a workshop is full, it will show on the counter as “WORKSHOP FULL”.  Please contact the Registrar if you would like to be on a waiting list.  Make your selection from the available classes.  PLEASE NOTE - your class registration is not complete until you submit the registration and receive your Registration Confirmation Email.  (If it does not come within 15 minutes check your SPAM box)
  5. Please note that Lunch is NOT included in workshop pricing.  There will be several food vendors in the building.
  6. National Juried Show Tours (NJS) – These are listed with the classes in the same category as half day lectures and workshops. You will not be able to book an NJS Tour at the same time as a class.  Note: there are no member discounts for these tours.
  7. Your workshop ID badge will show your name as submitted on your registration form. All Workshop attendees need to check in at the desk in the Conference Center where you will be directed to your classroom and will be given your Name tags. 


Page 1   Purchase your passes and Merchandise.  If you are an individual member and it is between January 7 and 27, it is mandatory to enter your membership number -  and it will save you 10% on most items. 

Page 2   Choose your classes, lectures and NJS Tour. You will need to know your course number and teacher’s name.  They are listed on the website: by course #, teacher, day and time.  It is best to have a list of the classes and back up classes that you are interested in - just in case they are full when you register.  www.canadianquilter.com/events/quilt-canada-2017-workshops.php for workshops; www.canadianquilter.com/events/quilt-canada-2017-lectures-tours.php  for lectures and NJS tours.

Page 3   Choose your evening lectures www.canadianquilter.com/events/quilt-canada-2017-evening-events.php for evening events. Enter your name, phone number and email OR physical address. Your registration will not submit unless these boxes are completed.

Please Note:  Please check your selections are correct before submitting by using the Preview Button.

MOST IMPORTANT:  You will receive a Registration Confirmation email within 15 minutes of registering.  No email? Check SPAM folder, then call or email Registrar.


Questions or concerns? Please contact Janet at cqaregistrar@gmail.com or 1-877-672-8777 (select Registrar)



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