In honour of Canada’s National Quilt Month, in May 2012, we invite Canada’s young quilters to enter:

Quilting by Our Youth Challenge

One of the goals of CQA/ACC is to encourage quilting in Canada. With this challenge we hope that members of CQA/ACC will share their skills and mentor younger people to create a small quilt. This hands-on project will be a great interactive experience for children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, school classes or special friends. Reach out and inspire our youth to accept this challenge! This challenge is open to all elementary, middle school and high school students. Entries must be sponsored by an individual member or a shop member in good standing in CQA/ACC. A group of students, for example need only one sponsor. CQA/ACC members can sponsor many youth quilters. There are no specific duties for the sponsor, except to encourage young quilters!

Wallquilts may be made by an individual or a group. If it is a group entry the names of everyone who contributed must be provided. The piece can be hand or machine quilted or both. The perimeter (the measurement around the outside edges) of the finished piece must not be exceed 120”. There is no minimum size restriction.  Entries made from patterns or books must include written permission from the designer and/or the publisher with the application.

Entries with an accompanying photo will be accepted until February 29, 2012.

In March 2012 photos of all entries will be posted on the CQA/ACC website and voting for the favourite will take place.

The winning entry will be featured on the Summer 2012 Issue of The Canadian Quilter newsletter. A one year individual membership will be awarded if the entry is from one person. If the winning wallquilt is a group entry there will be a fabric gift. We would like to display the winning wallquilt at Quilt Canada: Seams Like Home in Halifax in May 2012.


  1. Size: Perimeter of finished piece can not exceed 120”, no matter the shape. There is no minimum size.
  2. Work: can be done by an individual or by a group. Please provide all names on the entry form.
  3. Design may be original or traditional and any combination of machine and/or hand piecing, appliqué or quilting is permitted. Embellishments are at the quilter’s discretion.
  4. Finishing: The wallquilt must be completely finished, including all aspects of quilting, binding, and needlework/embroidery.
  5. Label on the back of the wallquilt to include: title; artist’s name; date completed; and credits.
  6. Credits/ Permission: For any patterns and/or designs that are not your own, please give credit to the source, and obtain written permission if using another person’s pattern and/or design. This must accompany the application form by emailing the permission to by emailing the permission to Please remember to respect copyright.
  7. Sponsorship: must be noted on the entry form along with their CQA/ACC membership number.
  8. Photo: must be .jpg format. For hints on taking good photos click here

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