Call for Nominations - Your organization needs you!!

Each year some board position terms come to an end and it’s time to get new ideas on the team.  At this time the board is seeking nominations for five positions.  

Vice President

The VP takes part in event planning, policy decisions and running the organization.  The term is one year with the expectation that the VP will move into the Presidency in the second year. If you are outgoing, organized and a leader, this position may be for you. See this position's duties.

Social Media

Social media is the way we communicate with quilters all over Canada and beyond, reaching thousands of quilters.  The director generates, publishes and shares content on all CQA/ACC social media platforms.  The term is two years. See this position's duties.

Website (New)

The director coordinates and administers all aspects of the CQA/ACC website including managing content and maintaining web design. The term is two years. See this position's duties.

Full job descriptions      Nomination forms

Contact Past President, Linda Schmidt, for further information.