2017 Rosettes

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Fibre Arts Group Kagawong (Jan Bainbridge, Linda Noe, Nancy Lyne, Charlene Chambers, Barb Bright)
Kagawong - Through the Seasons

Fibre Art Landscapes- created for the Fibre Arts Festival to be held in Kagawong in September 2017 as part of the Canada 150 Celebration.
We are five creative artists with a variety of experiences in painting , embroidery, quilting and fibre arts. Together we have collaborated and meshed our skills to produce a visual connection in fabric of culture, nature and history of our village.
Our fibre art consists of 5 panels, depicting the change of seasons in beautiful Kagawong. Each panel created with fabric, paint and thread draws a unique perspective of our nature trails, our historical buildings and the vibrant recreational waterfront.Throughout our history water has been an important part of the development of Kagawong and we have strived to highlight this element in each of the panels.

Guild: Island Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: July 15, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 100 x 35
Quilted by: Jan Bainbridge, Linda Noe, Nancy Lyne, Charlene Chambers, Barb Bright

Myra Tallman
Diamonds in My Garden

This piece began with a Persian rug but quickly took on a life of its own. My passions have been quilting and gardening. As I grow older, appliquéing flowers is more appealing than weeding flowers. Comfort of my easy chair outranks toiling in the hot sun. The meditative rhythm of handwork is very rewarding - thus the hand appliqué and hand quilting.

Guild: Happy Quilters, ON
Awarded: July 15, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 71.5 x 94
Quilted by: Myra Tallman

Fumiko Noguchi

Fumiko modified the original design by Yoshiko Kurihara. "I was very curious to see what Japanese fabrics would look like in this modern quilt. It was quite the thrilling experience to create each figure by adding different types of fabric."

Guild: Fraser Valley Quilters Guild, BC
Awarded: June 23, 2017
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 57.5 x 42
Quilt Magazine or Book: A Winter Story by Yoshiko Kurihara

Charlene Marshall
Aunt Grace's Garden

This quilt was from a Fons & Porter magazine "Love of Quilting" - May/June 2013 Edition. Charlene pieced and quilted it herself.

Guild: Sylvan Lake Quilters, AB
Awarded: June 09, 2017
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 82 by 101
Quilt Magazine or Book: Fons & Porter - May/June 2013 Magazine

Melanie Robertson

The quilt is paper-pieced cattails in a star burst. Rail fences border the cattails, protecting them from the prairie cattle. This was a personal challenge to do paper piecing.

Guild: Chinook Guild of Fibre Arts, AB
Awarded: June 05, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: King
Quilted by: Jane Goddar
Pattern: Judy Niemeyer

Heather Ingram
Jacobean Journey

This was a Hoopsisters project. Each 8 inch block is machine appliqued with embroiderery going through all the layers to become the quilting. Each block took over two hours and the blocks are joined using hand stitched sashing on the back. The quilt is very, very heavy because of all the embroidery. It took a very long
time to make too.

Guild: Pine Tree Quilters' Guild of Muskoka, ON
Awarded: June 02, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: Queen-sized
Pattern: Hoop Sisters

Louise Drouin
Gordian Knot

This is the result of a workshop given by Lorraine Jourdain

Guild: The Valley Quilters Guild, QC
Awarded: May 25, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 46.5 by 54.5 inches
Quilted by: Lynne McFern
Pattern: Gordian Knot

Margaret Letkeman
Our Library

For a long time, Margaret has wanted to make this quilt before the fabrics were lost. They have been collected over 62 years, from her maternity clothes, kindergarten clothes of 8 children, scraps from Dad's shirts. They have traveled with her through life in the Yukon, Northern BC, and now Vancouver Island. The "books" bring loving memories and reminders of the chapters in her life. Margaret and her friend Fran Mills collaborated in the design and construction of the quilt.

Guild: Comox Valley Schoolhouse Quilters, BC
Awarded: May 22, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 48" x 64"
Quilted by: Fran Mills
Original Design: Original design by Fran Mills

Carol Andrews
Snow Days

This quilt took me a year and a half to do. The pattern is "Snow Days" by Meg Hawkey@Hawkey@Crabapple Hill Studio. It is designed to be 66 in x 66 in with traditional blocks so obviously changes occurred. My blocks are "Hoochy Mama" block ideas from May Lou Weidman. I accomplished the machine embroidery on my Bernina. Each line is gone over from two to four times, five if I ended on the wrong side and six if I was too lazy to tie another set of ends. I still find the detail in the embroidery to be delightful. Machine quilted on my Crown Jewel.

Guild: North Star Quilters Society, BC
Awarded: May 22, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 90 x 90
Pattern: Snow Days by Meg Hawkey

Susan Wilson
Canada is...

The challenge was to include a Canadian animal, maple leaf & one other commonly recognized Canadian icon. Unable to decide the icon I incorporated 15 bits of Canada - people, places, products - in outer border. Stitched maple leaves in inner white border and the icon of loon and maple leaf quilted in the centre. (This is a pantograph by T. Schick.)

Guild: Vernon Silver Star Quilters, BC
Awarded: May 18, 2017
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 29.75" W x 26.25" H

Monique Wilson
Full Bloom

In Monique"s words:
Using EQ7 for inspiration I designed this quilt to show case the medallion applique centre. I love all quilts on point.

I first saw the fabric at a local quilt shop and loved the colours and the patterns of the fabric. I had no clue at the time what I was going to make. So began the process of designing. I knew I bought enough to make a king size quilt for our new bedroom set. I loved every process of making this quilt from the design to piecing to free motion quilting on my long arm machine. I truly enjoyed making this quilt and can call it my own.

Guild: Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: May 12, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 112 in. x 112 in.

Jim Wilford

Original design and layout inspired by the work of Karen Kay Buckley. Hand applique except for the sawtooth border. Outer border is hand quilted.

Guild: Oxford Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: May 11, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 86 x 86
Quilted by: Creative Sister machine quilted inside, Jim hand quilted outside border.

Lori Carlson
Common Bride

This quilt was made as a gift for my daughter's wedding, who is anything but a common bride. It is an Edyta Star pattern that I choose to use some of my scraps and uses a variety of techniques including paper piecing, applique and traditional quilting. The long arm quilting was done by Misty Smereka of Elk Point Alberta.

Guild: Vermilion Quilters, AB
Awarded: May 06, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 86 X 86
Quilted by: MRS Quilting of Elk Point Alberta
Pattern: Common Bride

Dougal Walker
Round the Garden

I love hand-work/embroidery and applique. When I saw this quilt pattern all the criteria were in place. The more detail, the better. It was stitched on a well-washed antique quilt that had been hand-pieced and hand-quilted. It was a bit of a challenge to stitch through but love the end result. The detail in the design was amazing to me. I so appreciate designers that are willing to share their incredible imagination.

Guild: Boundary Bay Quilters Guild, BC
Awarded: May 06, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 52" x 52"
Quilt Magazine or Book: designer Wendy Williams for Simply Moderne magazine

Janet LaMonte
Vintage Rose

The Chatham Kent Quilters’ Guild is proud to announce the winner of the CQA Best of Show Rosette at their “Stitches in Bloom” Quilt Show in May. The winner is Janet LaMonte and the name of her quilt is Vintage Rose. What is really impressive is that this was the first quilt show she has ever entered. Janet quilted for a while about 30 years ago but quit when she went back to work. Then about 5 years ago she decided that she would like to make each of her grandchildren a quilt, so she picked it up again and joined the guild. She says she “hasn’t quit since and it’s taken over my life.”
Janet describes how the quilt came to be: “I saw the pattern for this Judy Neimeyer, "Vintage Rose" quilt in a magazine and then waited impatiently until it was released. When choosing my fabrics, I looked at pictures of roses and thought of my mother's rose garden and decided that if it looked good in nature it would work fine in a quilt. Many, many evenings were spent paper piecing and many, many hours were spent on my long arm machine quilting it. It was all worth it.”
As you can see from the picture, her patience and hard work has resulted in an amazing and beautiful quilt and it was definitely all worth it.

Guild: Chatham-Kent Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: May 05, 2017
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 94" by 94"
Pattern: Vintage Rose by Judy Neimeyer

Un ange est apparu

Un ange est apparu

Vingt-sept tissus, de la même gamme chromatique des couleurs, ont été récoltés au fil des ans pour réaliser cette courtepointe. Le modèle de Bargello, inspiré de la méthode 'Twist and Turn' de Eileen Wright, a été conçu sur un chiffrier Excel. C'est à la fin du piéçage, en renversant la pièce, que le dessin d'un ange m'est apparu. Enfin, le choix de ne pas ajouter de bordure, confère à la pièce un look moderne.

An angel appeared

Twenty-seven fabrics, of the same chromatic color range, were collected over the years to make this quilt. The Bargello model, inspired by Eileen Wright's 'Twist and Turn' method, was designed on an Excel spreadsheet. It is at the end of the quilting, by turning the piece upside down, that the drawing of an angel appeared to me. Finally, the choice of not adding borders, gives the quilt a modern look.

Guild: Les Courtepointieres Appliquees, QC
Awarded: May 05, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 80" x 83"

Jane Palmer
Scraps From The Past

The quilt is a beautiful traditional hand quilted 30's quilt named "Scraps from the Past" (McCalls Quilting Quick Quilts Scraps from the Past March 2001).

A lady staying at the Hilton saw this quilt and fell in love with it. She purchased the quilt and it will now reside in Ontario.

Guild: Marco Polo Quilters' Guild, NB
Awarded: May 04, 2017
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 68 x 80
Quilted by: Jane Palmer

Rennie Hickey
Summer Beauty

This quilt was started in a class given by Brenda Payer on hand appliqué. This was many years ago and I was finally able to finish the quilt this year. All the blocks are hand appliquéd, the sashing is pieced and the quilt was machine quilted by myself on a domestic sewing machine.

Guild: Arnprior & District Quilters' Guild, ON
Awarded: April 29, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 79.5" x 89.5"
Pattern: Summer Beauty by Dinah Jeffries

Bernice Wearing

Bernice said: "I had a different colour in mind when I planned to make this quilt but when I saw the floral fabric, I had to go with purple. I like how it turned out. I made it into a bedspread size instead of a smaller quilt size."

Guild: Tisdale Quilters' Group, SK
Awarded: April 29, 2017
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 82" x 92"
Quilted by: Emily Backstrom
Pattern: Bargello with modifications by Sue Weaver

Alison McDonald
Garden Path

Floral strips were made several years ago - 30 yards of them, with a different use in mind.
At a 2014 workshop with Deb Beirne's, she encouraged me to use them. I had the blocks pieced that weekend and the top finished by the end of the week. Then it sat in my 'to be quilted' pile for 2 years, until I decided to dig in and get it done. 8-10 hours piecing and roughly 10x that in quilting

Guild: Halton Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: April 22, 2017
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 84" x 104"

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