2016 Rosettes

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Lynne Mersereau
Flattering Jacket

The jacket was made from a pattern by "Figure Flattering Quiltwear" called "Midnight Glacier" bargello jacket.
Because of my passion for quilting and my background in clothing, this seemed like a great project and so I started collecting fabric for this jacket several years ago but there were two key colours I felt were missing. It's taken me almost three years to find these elusive fabrics.

The results, however, have been worth the wait, I absolutely love the jacket and have received many favourable comments when I've worn it.

Guild: Near North Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: September 10, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: jacket

Bonnie Norton
Spring Bouquet

Bonnie met Edyta Sytar at Houston and had her picture taken with her. This inspired her to make the quilt. It was meant to be machine appliquéd, but Bonnie hand appliquéd it and changed the borders somewhat. She adapted the pattern to her liking.

Guild: Buckhorn Area Quilters' Guild, ON
Awarded: September 10, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 76x95
Quilted by: Penny Showers
Pattern: Edyta Sitar Spring Bouquet

Julie Prueter
For Megan and Chris

Made for daughter's wedding.

Guild: Ridge Meadows Quilters' Guild, BC
Awarded: September 08, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: King Size

Mimi Boudreau
Étoile cachée

This quilt was made in a Margaret Littler course, without new stencils.

Guild: Lennoxville Quilters, QC
Awarded: September 04, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 81X102 inches

Amy Dame
June 12, 2016

Gay clubs have historically been safe spaces for LGBTQ people in a world where day to day life was often unsafe. Ideally, they were places where people could be themselves and find others like them to build community. They were homes of the heart. The log cabin block is used here to represent the hearth, home and safety of gay bars. There are 49 rainbow log cabins, to stand for the 49 people killed in the attack at the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016. The white background fabric and the white quilting thread is symbolic of the whitewashing that has been committed in conversations about the massacre, and about LGBTQ experiences in general.

Guild: Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild, BC
Awarded: August 27, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 48" x 48"

Marcia [Floyd] Sherwood

The idea of creating a family quilt came to my mother Nancy Floyd in 2000 as a way to build our family spirit and make stronger connections between family members spread apart by distance and age. The quilt represents 4 generations. Each block tells a story of the family members' interests and hobbies or maybe their career. For example,the patriarch of the family,Harold Floyd was a master carpenter,hence the hammer on his block. He loved to wear suits to church and other events, so a piece of suiting was included. The matriarch, Nancy Floyd,included a piece of New Brunswick tarten,a bluebird [of happiness] and a bowling logo. Of course her love of quilting is depicted on her block by the variety of shapes and textures of fabrics. The quilt took over 5 years to complete with many wonderful get-togethers to work on the project AND to add the new great-grandchildren as they were born! I hope you enjoy this little history of my family.

Guild: Akerley Area Quilt Guild, NB
Awarded: August 06, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 63"x77"
Quilted by: Marcia Sherwood & Family

Gerry Buchanan
Friendship Floral Applique

To motivate and to encourage each other to complete a large floral quilt, a small group of appliqué quilting friends started meeting weekly in 1997. This was the quilt that Gerry chose to work on at these sessions. She chose this pattern for its vibrant colours and beautiful flowers. Gerry says choosing the fabrics was the best part, followed by the hand quilting, which she says was a dream! Completed in 2003, she now has this treasure as a memory of all those close hours shared with so many quilting friends.

Guild: Sun Peaks Quilters, BC
Awarded: July 18, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 80" x 88"
Pattern: Pattern by Patricia Cox from Chicago

Janet Reader Day
Not A Double Wedding Ring

This quilt was created in response to the Prince Edward County Quilters' Guild Modern Quilt Challenge. Domestic machine quilting on a "whole cloth" using Wonderfil 40wt variegated thread. A paper-pieced silk moon rises over a mountain range, and is being viewed by a lounging lady who is surrounded by wildlife.
This quilt gave me a break from making several double wedding ring wedding quilts!

Guild: Prince Edward County Quilter's Guild, ON
Awarded: July 08, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 85" x 87"

Betty Bailey
Wolf Song

A recent Alaska cruise took us to Changing Tides Quilt Shop in Juneau, Alaska. I have often said that fabrics, patterns, etc. will "talk to you". Well, this quilt spoke to my husband like nothing in the quilting world ever has. It HAD to come home with us and is now his pride and joy.

Guild: Big Hill Quilters, AB
Awarded: July 01, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 54" x 74"
Quilted by: Bev Rinehart of Little House Creations
Pattern: Pattern Name: Wolf Song Pattern Designer: Lisa Moore of Quilts with a Twist, Sitka, Alaska

Elsa Hendrickson

Elsa made three Bargello quilts giving two away and keeping this one for herself.

Guild: Battle River Quilters' Guild, AB
Awarded: June 17, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 92 inches by 100 inches
Quilted by: Judy Macri of Canmore, AB
Pattern: It's Bargello

Jo Ann Lee
Midnight at the Oasis with Grandma

I used scraps of fabric found in my Grandmother's home along with newly purchased fabrics to give calm and balance to the mix. Many of the fabric scraps belonged to my Great Grandmother who was an avid quilter. Spending time stitching the fabrics together and quilting them was like spending time with both of them again. I love remembering Grandma Mina and GG's aprons and dresses as I sewed; I also recognized other family members’ garments; scraps must have been given to Grandma. This is a truly special quilt to me and I will always cherish it.

Guild: Lion's Gate Quilters Guild, BC
Awarded: June 11, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 60 x 60
Pattern: Midnight at the Oasis by Jen Kingwell

Colleen Winter
A Primitive Garden

Congratulations to Colleen Winter, Viewers' Choice First Place Award at the Cactus Rose Quilters'Guild Quilt Show 2016. A Primitive Garden, 70" x 82" was a Block of the Month quilt, was appliqued and machine blanket stitched by Colleen. The pattern was by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings. This was quilted by Terry Whitman. Beautiful!

Guild: Cactus Rose Quilters' Guild, AB
Awarded: June 11, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 70" x 82"
Quilted by: Terry Bongean
Pattern: A Primitive Garden

Marilyn Sedford
Calendar Quilt

The pattern is a Piecemaker Calendar quilt from 1996. I made the quilt top in 1996-97 and somehow it got forgotten in the bottom of a closet. Life went on & last year I needed some space, so I pulled everything out of my quilt closet & that’s when I found this forgotten quilt. Connie Baker did an amazing job with the quilting. She really brought the quilt to life.

Guild: Cariboo Calico Quilters, BC
Awarded: June 10, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 94 x 94
Quilted by: Connie Baker
Pattern: Piecemaker 1996 Calendar

Val Ursulak
Love is a Rhapsody

This quilt celebrates 25 happy years of marriage to my musician husband, Jim Ursulak. From the age of 15, music has opened doors for Jim to career, travel and lifetime relationships. If you've seen him tapping his foot and rocking to the beat as he plays
clarinet in the Nanaimo Concert Band performances, you will know as I do, that he has music in his soul. This hand appliqued quilt is done in the Baltimore Album Style. The pattern is by Teresa Yielding Rawson.

Guild: Nanaimo Quilters Guild, BC
Awarded: June 10, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 93" x 93"
Pattern: Love is a Rhapsody by Teresa Yielding Rawson

Zona Wilson
Log Cabin Xmas Tree

Beaded and decorated with charms from bracelets.

Guild: Chinook Country Quilters, AB
Awarded: June 06, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 24x30
Quilted by: Zona Wilson
Pattern: Log Cabin Christmas tree

Brenda Thomas
Spring Fresh

This quilt was part of a whole cloth challenge for the Calgary Long Arm guild. I quilted it on white cotton and used double batting to achieve the puff. Once quilted I painted the flowers, leaves, and borders with acrylic paint and I also used ink tense pencil crayons for shading. I embellished with beads and hot fix crystals as well as some little critters.

Guild: Chinook Country Quilters, AB
Awarded: June 06, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 40 x 40
Quilted by: Brenda Thomas

Margaret Richardson
Scrappy Bock of the Month

Each block has a different technique

Guild: Chinook Country Quilters, AB
Awarded: June 06, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 65" x 98"

Karen MacPherson

This quilt was installed in a barn door-type frame so that it could be used as a window covering.

Guild: Quilted Mouse Guild, AB
Awarded: June 02, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 23" X 37"
Pattern: Dragonfly by Three Swans Studios

Norma MacCara
0 To 60 On the Mystic Highway

This quilt was made for my brother, Brian Cock, and his wife, Marg Clinton. My goal was a quilt to express qualities unique to them as individuals and as a couple. John Fogerty's song "Mystic Highway" was chosen for the theme to honor Brian and Marg's free spirited approach to life.
The front of the quilt is called 0 to 60, and recalls the muscle car era when Brian was a young man and loved all things that went fast. The energy of youth is symbolized by the GTO, the
explosion behind it, the bent landscape (colored blocks), the partially
destroyed mariner's compass and the lightening fabrics. Life's journey
to maturity is represented by the road as it merges with the flying geese. The quilted stars represent the greater universe and the mysteries of life.

The back of the quilt represents the mature side of life and is called "... on the Mystic Highway". The quilting from the front side is symbolic on the back. As Fogerty sings, "Out across the constellations, there's a place behind the sun. Everything is connected, everything and
everyone. Mystic highway that I'm on ... take me home".
This was my first paper piecing project. The construction of the design elements was relatively uncomplicated, but their integration required creative solutions; not all worked as I had envisioned.

This original design was influenced by quilters and graphic art designers found through internet searches. The mariner's compass was constructed using instructions found in Judy Mathieson's book, "Mariner's Compass Quilts, Setting a New Course".
Instructions for the flying geese circle were from Gail Gerber's book "Flying Colors" and the bent landscape was inspired and adapted from a graphic arts site (abstract wavy design colorful background vector.jpg).

Guild: Thistle Quilt Guild, NS
Awarded: May 28, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: King Size

Bernice Potapoff
Circle Jubilee

This applique quilt was designed by Pam Clarke of Spokane Washington. Bernice used scraps for the circles. Juananne Wales of Cranbrook BC quilted it with feathers and stippling, and outlined each circle and leaf.

Guild: North Star Quilters Society, BC
Awarded: May 24, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 76 x 95
Pattern: Pam Clarke Designs

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