2009 Rosettes

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Eileen McKee
Jazz Attacked

The Red Deer Quilt Guild held a show in 2009. Eileen McKee won the Viewer's Choice with "Jazz Attacked" 75" x 95". This lively quilt was made for her son who is a professional Jazz pianist. The quilt was satin stitched around all pieces and has 950 Swarovski Crystals on it. The quilt was beautifully quilted by Cheryl Whitten, also of Red Deer, Alberta.

Awarded: November 07, 2009

Michelle Sneddon

Pins & Pine Needles Quilt Guild held their 1st Annual Quilt show 'Bright and Beautiful'. Michelle Sneddon won Viewer's Choice for her quilt 'Leatherwork'. 90"x90" Michelle's quilt was sewn both by hand and machine with trupunto and piped binding. Quilting inspired by Ricky Timms. Pattern: Quilters Newsletter 2003, Designer: Helen Siegel.

Awarded: November 07, 2009

Claire Poirier
Les Etoiles

Mme Claire Poirier won the Candian coutepointe Rosette for 'Les Etoiles'. Size 89"x98". Claire has been quilting for five years with the Valley forts de L'Acadie, QC. She made this quilt as the block of the month on Planet Patchwork and completed in 2009.

Awarded: November 07, 2009

Thelma Pratte-Germain
Une fois suffit

Thelma a appelé sa courtepointe 'Une fois suffit' en référence aux nombreuses heures de travail, soit 640 environ, qu'elle a consacrées à son projet. Elle s'est inspirée d'une courtepointe de Fons et Porter en y apportant ses propres modifications.

Thelma entitled her quilt 'Une fois suffit', referring to the many work hours devoted to its completion, approximately 640 hours. She found her inspiration in a pattern by Fons & Porter with some modifications.

Awarded: November 07, 2009

Cindy Smith
Flowers in the Garden

Kempenfelt Quilters Guild held their show November, 2009. Cindy Smith of Barrie ON won Viewers Choice for her quilt 'Flowers in the Garden'. Designed by Katherine McKim, inspired by EQ 5.

Awarded: November 07, 2009

Heather Stewart
Log Cabin Flowers

This quilt was started in a workshop given by Sheila Hintle in fall 2009. The pattern was supplied by the instructor.

Awarded: October 03, 2009
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 92"x106"
Quilted by: Jeanne Love

Sandra D. Lounsbury
Welsh Beauty

Welsh Beauty by Sandra D. Lounsbury was awarded the Viewer's Choice rosette at the Chilliwack Piecemakers QG show, Piecemaking in the Valley. The 90 x 108 inch whole cloth bed quilt was hand quilted using a pre-printed quilt top by Holice Turnbow.

Awarded: October 01, 2009
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 90" x 108"
Quilted by: Sandra D. Lounsbury

Betty Lafferty
Leisurely Pursuit

Betty Lafferty used the cathedral windows technique to create this 80 x 94 inch quilt. It was completely hand sewn using silk thread.

Awarded: October 01, 2009
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 80" x 94"
Quilted by: Betty Lafferty

Marge Szmborski
The Queen and Her Court

Marge Samborski has been a member of the guild for a number of years and enjoys quilting and learning new techniques. This was the second time she has won this award. The pattern for the quilt is from Wing and a Prayer Design by Jenny Foltz and Toni Steere. Carritt's Custom Quilting machine quilted this quilt.

Awarded: October 01, 2009
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilted by: Carritt's Custom Quilting
: Wing and a Prayer Design by Jenny Foltz and Toni Steere

Sharon Addeson

The 2009 rosette winner at the Chilliwack QG 2009 show was Sharon Addeson. Her winning quilt was a Twisted Bargello from a class at 'A Great Notion'. The pattern by Chris Timmons was featured in Australian Patchwork magazine. The quilt was hand quilted and used 20 different fabrics.

Awarded: October 01, 2009

Mary Martens
Wild Flowers

Mary Martens won Viewer's Choice in FibreFest by the Almonte Quilters Guild in September 2009, in ON. Mary took a machine embroidery class at her favourite Shop 'Quilter's Dream' in Edmonton to learn how to use the embroidery functions on her machine.
Size 81"x102"
Pattern: 'Wild Flowers' by Smith Street Designs.

Awarded: September 19, 2009

Donna Shaw
Woodland Creatures

Donna Shaw of the Orillia Quilters Guild, won the Viewer's Choice at the Simcoe County Quilt, Rug & Craft Fair in September 2009. It is the second year in a row that a member from the Orillia Guild took the prize. 'Woodland Creatures' was hand appliquéd.

Awarded: September 12, 2009
Quilted by: Machine quilted by Jennifer Ricca.
: Rosemary Makhan

Brigitte Langevin

Brigette Langevin won the CQA/ACC Rosette for 'People's Choice' in the Creston Valley Quilt Guild 2009 Show held in Creston, BC in April 2009. Brigitte Langevin has been a very active member of our guild as vice president and is very involved in our community providing classes at the local community center and she participates in the embroidery guild as well. Brigette's quilt is truly a spectacular example of colour, expertise and the unique talents that she shows in all of her endeavors.

Quote: "I made this quilt for my husband's niece and called it 'Joy' because I had so much joy making this quilt and quilting every block in a different free motion design."

Awarded: April 11, 2009

Phyllis Wysotski
Painted Ladies

Phyllis Wysotski won Best of Show for 'Painted Ladies' in the Kawartha Quiltmakers' Guild Show. Techniques: Stained Glass Applique with zig zag stitching. Phyllis and her husband altered the background to create the radiant sun. Pattern from Swan Studios.

MaryEllen Morand
Cathedral Windows

Mary Ellen Morand won a CQA/ACC rosette for her quilt 'Cathedral Windows'. She enjoys a project that can be worked on while at appointments, etc. Size: 78"x96".

Jan Smithson
Latte Quilt

Jan Smithson won Viewers' Choice for her 'Latte Quilt at the 'April Showers Bring May Flowers' Manitou Creative Quilters 2009 Quilt Show. Size: 90"x 90". Description of quilt: Machine embroidery on cotton with decorative stitches, using triple needle stitching and free motion stippling. There are over 750 hand stitched beads in the center medallion. Pattern derived from book: The Bernina Latte Quilt by Kerrie Hay. Two of the blocks are Jan's original design. Quilted by Jan.

Edna De Jong
Dresden Plate

Edna De Jong has been quilting for 16 years, is largely self taught and she finds it relaxing - a 'forever' learning process. Her Dresden Plate won best of show in Kawartha Quiltmakers' Guild Show, 'Feelings in Fabric' in Peterborough, Ontario, May 2009. Machine Pieced, hand appliquéd and quilted. Fabric is scraps from other projects. Pattern 'Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts' Oxmoor House Books

Martha Wiens

Martha Wiens 'Margello' is the third recipient of the Dorothy McMurdie Award by the Windsor Quilters' Guild Show. The award was funded by the sale of Dorothy's fabric and books, on her passing, organized by Mary Walker and Carol Ann Kellett. The criteria is based on Dorothy's preferences: eye appeal, colour, workmanship, new quilter, originality, execution of pattern within the current pieces on display. Pattern: Joy Hansen of Joy Quilts in Windsor.

Sharon Harder
Stars with Flare

Sharon Harder's 'Stars with Flare' won Best of Show in the Orchard Valley Quilters Guild show, 'Sew'n Love May 2009. Sharon said she loves a challenge. Machine pieced with hand appliqué around the stars to give the quilt flair! The " bias was made the old fashioned way. Sharon made the quilt for her fifth grandchild Alyssa Caruthers to celebrate her graduation from high school. This quilt won First Place for the Large Quilt at Desert Lily Quilters Show in January 2009 in Yuma, Arizona. Pattern: 'Quick Quilts from Your Scrap Bag' by Liesure Arts. Quilted by Sharon Clark, Creative Quilting Company.

Carol Leach
Stars Around the Garden

Stars Around the Garden' by Carol Leach won Best of Show in the York Colony Quilters Guild show 'Anything Goes', May 2009 in Saskatchewan. Carol made the quilt for her daughter, Catherine and her husband's 40th birthday. Techniques: machine pieced, hand appliquéd and hand quilted. Block of the month design by Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw.

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