2011 Rosettes

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Carol Wright
Ivy's Irish Journey

Carol offered to make a quilt for her sister Ivy. Ivy picked the pattern and fabric. The pattern and fabric made its way from Edmonton to Carol in Nokomis via Swift current and MooseJaw with various family members.

Guild: Between Friends Quilt Guild, SK
Awarded: November 19, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 118" by 120"
Quilted by: No Guilt Quilting, MooseJaw, Saskatchewan
Eleanor Burns Double Irish Chain

Joan Reed

From the Title "Launched", I made this quilt for my son when he officially moved out of the house, post university.It was an exciting time for both of us as his large bedroom became my quilting room. (No more sewing at the kitchen table between meals or cutting on the dining room table!!)

Guild: Kempenfelt Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: November 17, 2011
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 75"x82"
Quilted by: Quiltmates. Orillia, ON
Pattern: Prairie Sampler

Jo Schneider
Vine Dwelling

Hand applique - hand quilted - handmade bias. The squares were machine pieced. I wanted to make a special quilt for my bedroom. It was in the making for years.

Guild: Mosaicque Quilters, QC
Awarded: November 12, 2011
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 90" x 112"
Joanne Kost in Patchwork Quilts

Judy Harpur

This is a design done from a photo taken on our ranch. It was quilted by Two Old Stitches in Malo,WA

Guild: Rumplestiltskein Fibre Arts Guild, BC
Awarded: November 05, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 38x59

Cindy Morrison
A Daisy a Day

Pieced and hand appliqued, Cindy's neighbor gave up quilting and gave Cindy the blocks and photocopied pattern. Cindy completed the quilt, and it was long arm quilted by Sheena Schultz, Over the Top Quilting in Sherwood Park.

Guild: Sherwood Park Quilt Guild, AB
Awarded: November 05, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 78" X 91"
Pattern: Photocopied pattern with no credit listed.

Edith Asbil
Which Way is Up?

Edith began working on this reversible quilt in the fall of 2010. when she first saw the pattern in a quilting magazine(source unknown)she thought to herself"what a wonderful way to use up my scraps" As it turned out, she not only ended up creating more scraps but also became extremely frustrated with the quilts progress because,as she says"all those joints were so darn hard to turn over , i was almost ready to throw the whole thing out" But, with a lot of encouragement from her husband Sid,presevere she did. She finally finished the quilt in September 2011.
She submitted it to the show, and much to her surprise,the quilt was awarded the viewers Choice Award.Congratulations, Edith!!!

Guild: La Courtepointe de la Rive-Sud/South Shore QG, QC
Awarded: October 28, 2011
Winner: Viewers Choice

Jean Fritz
Stack N Wack

I always wanted to do a stack n wack. My fabrics inspired me.

Guild: Fraser Quilters Guild, BC
Awarded: October 22, 2011
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 89in x 89in
Pattern: Stack n wack book

Ruth Sirota
Home is Where The Heart is

I made this quilt because i love houses and the personality they portray.

Guild: Saskatoon Quilters' Guild, SK
Awarded: October 21, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 94in x 94in
Quilted by: Debora Barlow

Nancy Elaschuk
Fundy Mermaid

Original adaptation of a painting in the Public Domain by John William Waterhouse. The face of the mermaid is a portrait of my daughter.

Guild: Greater Moncton Quilt Guild, NB
Awarded: October 21, 2011
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 33 x 39 1/2
Quilted by: as above

Sandy Scinocco
Simple Gifts

I have enjoyed every stage of making this quilt. It has been exciting, deciding on the fabrics of the bugs and butterflies and border. This has been a labour of love and wonderful therapy.

Guild: Rouge Valley Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: October 15, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 60.5 by 60.5 inches
Pattern: Mary Sorenson

Bev Howell
Darren & Jasmine

This was a wedding quilt for my daughter and son- in - law.It was machine appliqued.

Awarded: October 11, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 115in x 120in
Pattern: Peice of Cake Designs

Kazuko Takano
My lap Quilt

Each cluster of hexagon uses a different color. Kazuko started the quilt in 2010 and created the pattern by herself and fully quilted each piece by hand.

Guild: Kootenay Quilters, BC
Awarded: October 01, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 54in x 64in

Jeanette Rettinger
My Baltimore Album

Hand appliqued: hand embroidery and beading: hand quilted.

Guild: Waterloo County Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: September 30, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 71 in x 71in
Quilt Magazine or Book: Baltimore Beauties and Beyond.

Joyce Curran
Rising Star

Made for her daughter. Pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted. Embellished with seed beads and bugle beads. Most fabric from Moda. Rising Star blocks from a pattern by Toni Steeve and Jenny Foltz published in a magazine called 100 Quilt Blocks (Collectors Edition) set with log cabin blocks.

Guild: Kennebecasis Valley Quilting Guild, NB
Awarded: September 15, 2011
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 94" square
Pattern: Rising Star blocks pattern-Toni Steeve&Jenny Foltz

Mary Kroeker
Memories Of Proctor

Mary made the quilt for her daughter and son in law.

Guild: Chilliwack Quilters Guild, BC
Awarded: July 23, 2011
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 94in x 94in
Pattern: Quilted Woodland decor by Debbie Fields

Margaret Prior Raynor
Blossoms in Bloom

Handpieced and hand appliqued.

Guild: Northern Lights Quilt Guild (O'Leary), PE
Awarded: July 23, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 82in x 90in.
Quilted by: Annie Gallant
Quilt Magazine or Book: Quilters Newsletter? Sharon Shamber

Robin Petty
William Morris Stars

Medallion Quilt using Foundation and precision Piecing.It was a Block of the Month.

Guild: Halton Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: July 23, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 89in x 89in.
Pattern: Stars for a New Day from The Quilt Show by Susan H Garman

Val Redekop
Sunflower Whimsey

Machine appliqued, machine pieced .Embellished with tea dyed cheesecloth,yarns, ribbons and a silver dollar.

Guild: Abbotsford Quilt Guild, BC
Awarded: June 25, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 45in x 61in
Pattern: Liz Farminoff

Roxanne Holmes
Log Cabin revisited

I entered a fabric swap about 7 years ago, with two friends.

Guild: Lethbridge Centennial Quilters, AB
Awarded: June 25, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 96in x 96 in.
Quilted by: Karen Young
Pattern: Judy mortons Log Cabin Book

Marilyn Harker
Tulips Remembered

A springtime visit to Holland prompted me to make a tulip quilt as a memento of a wonderful vacation. Since I enjoy hand applique and hand quilting, I chose this pattern and enlarged it to queen size.

Guild: Chinook Country Quilters, AB
Awarded: June 25, 2011
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 86 x 102
Quilted by: self
Four Seasons of Quilts, Webster's Tulips

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