2015 Rosettes

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Jocelyne Martel
Flower Garden

Six of the 12 blocks from Auntie Millie's Garden pattern were set on point with an original border.

Machine pieced
Hand applique

Guild: Mosaicque Quilters, QC
Awarded: November 20, 2015
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 72" x 57"
Pattern: Auntie Millie's Garden/Applique blocks: Piece-O-Cake Design

Helen Steenkhamer- Pouchon

It was a Kempenfelt Quilter's Guild Block of the month challenge for 2014-2015. It was a row quilt with a twist and the majority of the blocks are on point and showcases many different methods of constructing blocks. This quilt was a delight to make and will be forever treasured.

Guild: Kempenfelt Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: November 19, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 91" square
Quilted by: Helen Steenkhamer-Poushon
Pattern: Taken from a book and modified

Marcie Lane
My Mom's Flowers

Starting in 1999,each block was hand-appliqued with the needle turn method, signed and dated and was given to my mom as a gift for special occasions like her birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas. When I felt like I had enough blocks I put them together. The magnificent machine quilting was done by Tracey Russell of Whirls'N'Swirls Quilting.

Guild: Twisted Stitchers Quilt Guild, ON
Awarded: November 06, 2015
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 70 x 96
Quilted by: Tracey Russell

Simone DeFehr
Oma's Flower Garden

Hand embroidered, hand appliqued, hand quilted and long armed by a Local Person.
Quilt pattern and layout by myself. The flower pattern is "Flower Block" by Cynthia Tomaszewski, from the book Garden Party. The Sunbonnet Sues are by myself.
I started with the flower blocks and built my quilt around them. I love the Sunbonnet ladies, I saw them on the web. I embellished them with embroidery, buttons, beads and blanket stitch.

Guild: Chilliwack Quilters Guild, BC
Awarded: October 25, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 93" x 103"

Alice Doelman
Broken Star

Alice made the quilt for her daughter who has been a support to her. Alice hand quilted the quilt.

Guild: Five Star Quilters, ON
Awarded: October 23, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 96 x 108
Pattern: Broken Star Quilt Pattern

Janet Harper
Come Back to the West Coast

This Quilt was started when my daughter was living in Toronto - she participated in the design and fabric selection process throughout and drew the sea creatures in the outer quilting. I love piecing landscapes using the stitch and flip method. The New York Beauty-type blocks were my own design and quite a challenge to piece.

And I am happy to report that the quilt worked! She is now living once again in Vancouver and I couldn't be happier!

Guild: Vancouver Quilters Guild, BC
Awarded: October 23, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 95" x 111"

Waltraut (Wally) Kraemer
The Silk Tie Quilt

For many years I have been collecting used silk ties. I love the colors and pattern in the ties. It has been a lot of fun washing, taking them apart and sorting them in different colors and textures.
I realized that over the years of collecting the ties, I had enough to make this King size Quilt and the matching pillow cases.
Now that it is completed, I enjoy looking at the finished quilt and thinking about where these ties have traveled over the world.

Guild: Mountain Cabin Quilters, AB
Awarded: October 17, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 300x300cm

Karen Jurek
My Universe

Karen Jurek's "My Universe" won Viewers' Choice and the CQA rosette at the Cochrane Quilters Guild's very successful first show on October 17, 2015.

Guild: Cochrane Quilters, AB
Awarded: October 17, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 64.5" x 68"
Quilted by: Karen Jurek


A partir d'une photo de la maison d'enfance de mon conjoint et avec la permission d'utiliser des scènes de l'oeuvre "Le Québec en automne" de Mylène Henri, peintre-illustratrice, ma nièce Marilyse Devoyault m'a fait un dessin couleur. Ma soeur Claire Devoyault et moi avons agrandi ce dessin puis découpé en 637 morceaux. Avec la méthode (papier congélation) nous avons cousu tous ces morceaux et avons utilisé de l'encre pour donner plus de réalisme (environ 300 heures). Seuls l'oiseau, un poisson et 2 étoiles de mer sont des appliqués. J'ai piqué le tout en 55 heures. Je remercie ma soeur et ma nièce d'avoir participé à la création de cette oeuvre "Chez-moi".

We started from a picture of my husband’s childhood house. With the authorization of the illustrator-painter Mylène Henri, we used some scenes of her painting "Le Québec en automne" and from some of her other paintings. At first, my niece Marilyse Devoyault drew a colored rough draft of it. My sister Claire Devoyault and I enlarged the design and cut it in 637 pieces. Using the freezer paper method, we sewed all these pieces together, we used some ink to make it more realistic (about 300 hours were needed). Only the bird, one fish and two sea stars were made of appliqué. It took me 55 hours to quilt it. I thank my sister and my niece for their participation in the creation of this piece of art ‘At home’.

Guild: Les Fees de la Montagne, QC
Awarded: October 04, 2015
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 77"X102½"

Daintry Chitaroni
Misty Mountain Pond

This quilt was the product of our Roger Kerr workshop. Roger was invited with our Agnes Boal Bursary to teach Judy Niemeyer techniques of paper piecing. Misty Mountain Pond was adapted from the above pattern leaving room for extra hand quilting.For the first time ever in the 30 years of Quilts on the Rocks, the Best of Show/Peer Recognition award was a tie between myself and Joan Chabot. Joan also completed her winning piece- Bali Wedding Quilt as a product of Roger's class. Thanks Roger!

Guild: Sudbury & Dist. Quilting&Stitchery Guild/President, ON
Awarded: October 03, 2015
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 80" x 80"
Quilted by: Daintry Chitaroni
Pattern: Misty Mountain Pond

Kazuko Takano
Tranquility in Flowers

Two years of dedication and love combined with favourite fabrics has resulted in a bed quilt that will be wonderful to sleep under. This quilter doesn't use a sewing machine. Her quilt was totally hand-made.

Guild: Kootenay Quilters, BC
Awarded: October 02, 2015
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 60 inches X 88 inches

Jayne Jenkins
My Secret Garden

It was a really fun quilt to make as I gathered all the different fabrics and added the embellishments. I used a reverse applique technique because I dislike freezer paper. I gave it to my youngest daughter for Xmas last year and it is hanging in her home. I have an ambition to do a hand applique/hand quilted piece for each of my eight grandchildren. This will eventually go to her daughter. I am working on numbers 7 and 8. I call these quilts my hockey quilts because I spend a lot of time quilting when all those hockey games are on.

Guild: QuiltCo, ON
Awarded: September 26, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 60 x 60
Quilt Magazine or Book: Simply gifts by Mary Sorensen

Lynette Forge
Crazy Jane's Trip Around the World

This quilt was made from the Dear Jane pattern. It took Lynette 6 years to complete it and quilt it. It won Viewers' Choice by quite a margin.

Awarded: September 24, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: queen
Pattern: Dear Jane

Tidal Threads Quilt & Needlework Guild
Wings Over Water

This is the Tidal Threads Quilt & Needlework Guild's raffle quilt for 2015. After making many quilts featuring wonderful aspects of Grand Manan, they realized they had never featured the bird life, which is famous all over the world as a birding paradise. The quilt's main designer was Nancy Estle, with help from Dawn Locke and Martha Eaton. KVQG member, Mary Hawkins, did the applique of the puffins while wintering in Arizona.

Guild: Kennebecasis Valley Quilting Guild, NB
Awarded: September 17, 2015
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 94 x 108

Diane McGee
Pictogram Block Party

Diane did a wonderful job of machine embroidery and applique. The colours blend beautifully, giving this quilt an lovely warm appeal.

Guild: Almaguin Quilter's Guild, ON
Awarded: August 08, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 70 by 86
Quilted by: Ruth Jones
Pattern: Pictogram Block Party

Carol Darou
My Rustic Garden

Carol has been collecting civil war prints for about a year just waiting for the perfect pattern. This was it! She didn't want to just make the pattern the way it was so she designed her own borders

Guild: Lanark County Quilters, ON
Awarded: August 07, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 71 x 77
Pattern: Meg's Garden by Don't Look Now

Jodi Leone
Spread Your Wings and Fly

This quilt was made for my mother-in-law. The fabrics were chosen from her answers to 5 questions and the pattern was picked because of her love of butterflies.
The pattern is by Tula Pink and is called Butterfly.

Guild: Tofield Country Quilters, AB
Awarded: August 01, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 88x88
Pattern: Tula Pink Butterfly

Debbie Morrell

This quilt was designed/quilted by Debbie Morrell for the occasion of her niece's wedding. A true labour of love. Other family members came together to help sew and quilt it - Grandma, Mom and Aunties.

Guild: Current Quilts & Stitchery, ON
Awarded: August 01, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 80" x106"
Quilted by: Debbie Morrell and family
Quilt Magazine or Book: Pocahontas

Mieke McIntosh
Let Sleeping Cats Lie

When I saw this quilt at our previous Quilt Show in 2010, I loved it and decided to make it for my husband who loved cats.
The design is a variation of the Snail's Trail pattern. I hand appliqued and machine pieced the quilt and Judy Davis enhanced it with her free hand quilting skills.
It was fun shopping for the fabrics and even more fun making it, as applique is my favorite form of quilting.

Guild: Log Cabin Quilters, BC
Awarded: July 11, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 56" x 56"
Quilted by: Judy Davis (Rather be Quilting - Barriere B.C.)
Pattern: Let Sleeping Cats Lie by Helene Knott

Gwynneth Reid
Parasol Designed by Christine Stainbrook, Project House 360

One of our guild challenges this past year was "Screamin Stars" in which we were asked to create a quilt that screams "I am a Star Quilt". When I saw the pattern for "Parasol", I fell in love with it and just had to make it. The result was my "Screamin Star" and a lovely CQA rosette.

Guild: Flying Needle Quilt Guild, AB
Awarded: June 13, 2015
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 54" X 54"
Pattern: Parasol by Christine Stainbrook, Project House 360

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