2016 Rosettes

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Terry Rowland
Scrap Happy House Party

2017 Guild Rosette Invitational - Viewers Choice Winner

A friend and I challenged each other to make the 365 house quilt in 2015. We completed it in 8 months. The 3" finished house blocks contained 18 pieces each. I drafted a paper pieced pattern to make mine. I changed mine and omitted the original large house and added 5 double blocks for interest. These blocks were a two story house, a barn, a quilt shop, a Church and the Canadian flag. My blocks came to 369. I fussy cut each window finished 1" and included a person or creature. There are 7875 pieces in this quilt.

Guild: Central Alberta Quilters Guild, AB
Awarded: April 02, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 70 x 86 1/2"
Original Design: Building Houses from Scraps AKA 365 houses by Jeanneke from Tilburg, Netherlands. From her blog challenge in 2012. I made my pattern from it.

Nancy Johannsen
Piecemakers Times and Seasons

Piecemakers Times & Seasons Calender for 2012.
Started as a class offered by Sew Have Fun in 2012. Finished on my own, my way in 2014

Guild: Durham Trillium Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: October 28, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 89 by 90
Quilted by: Jennifer Urwin
Pattern: Piecemakers Times & Seasons Calender for 2012

Lorna Raney
Flowers for my Wedding Ring

When I heard my grandson was getting married, I wanted to make him a quilt. When I saw Judy Niemeyer's pattern Flowers for My Wedding Ring I knew I had found the pattern because the groom likes patchwork and the bride likes applique. I couldn't find the particular bali pops that were mentioned in the pattern (until after the quilt was done) so I chose my own colours. This is the first quilt I have had professionally quilted and it was done by Mary Light of Lightly Quilted in Shelburne. I am very happy with the job she did. Her work really "makes" the quilt.

Guild: Dufferin Piecemakers Quilting Guild, ON
Awarded: October 22, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 89" x 102"
Quilted by: Mary Light
Pattern: Flowers for my Wedding Ring

Anne Lyons
Christmas in Times Square

My husband and I saw this as a block of the month through Pastime Pieces and thought it was beautiful. Once it was complete I knew that it had to be custom quilted and the finished quilt is wonderful.

Guild: London Friendship Quilters Guild, ON
Awarded: October 21, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 85 x 85
Quilted by: Jack Stewart
Pattern: Christmas in Times Square

Diana Pope
Danny's Choice

The story is that my husband and I were traveling in the USA and decided to look at quilt books while having a coffee. I was actually looking for something completely different but Danny saw a photo of the quilt and asked me if I would make that for him. It was a little daunting when I considered the amount of solid space that needed to be quilted but I could not resist his request. Two and a half years later Danny's quilt was completed

Guild: West Island Quilters, QC
Awarded: October 21, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 91 inches x 107 inches
Pattern: Encyclopedia of Classc Quilt Patterns by Leisure Arts. The pattern was called Darting Minnows.

Timmy-Jeanne Tack
Don Merritt-Your Best Action Shot

'Don Merritt-Your Best Action Shot', was a surprise gift commissioned by his parents in 2013. Skiing downhill in the winter has been an activity enjoyed by Don since childhood. A
Family photo was submitted with permission to construct this quilt. I have attempted to capture the thrill of plowing through waist deep powder, and the freedom of flying down the mountainside.
Reverse applique, hand dyed and commercial fabrics, and free motion quilted by Timmy-Jeanne Tack of Timmy-Jeanne Quilting Arts.com of Castlegar BC.

Guild: Castlegar Quilters' Guild, BC
Awarded: October 21, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 35.5 x 41.5
Quilted by: Timmy-Jeanne Tack

Karri Whitehead
Windswept Westcoast Reverence

This quilt was made as a gift for a 50th birthday present for someone who lives in Europe and had visited the West Coast in British Columbia. It is machine pieced and machine appliquéd with 3D thread painting attached.

Guild: Chilliwack Piecemakers Guild, BC
Awarded: October 21, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 16" x 26"

Barb Hopkins

Made as an anniversary quilt for her brother and his wife. Found the pattern was well-suited to the Stonhenge Fabric line. Barb hand-quilts all of her work.

Guild: Minnedosa Valley Piecemakers, MB
Awarded: October 15, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 60"x80"
Quilted by: Handquilted by Barb Hopkins
Pattern: Calico Carriage Quilt Designs - Debbie Maddy

Julie Mirdoch

My sister and I went to Kenya in 2014. I always purchase fabrics on my travels to make myself a quilt and she asked if I would make her one too. She always buys artwork with people in it, so I had to incorporate them into the pattern.

99% of the fabrics used in the top are 'Kanga' fabric purchased on our trip. Kangas are the colorful cloth that the women use as clothing. The ladies are all wearing actual kanga fabric. One Maasai warrior (top left), is wearing a piece of Maasai 'shuka', the colorful red plaid blankets that they wear. He also sports some traditional Maasai beading.

On the back are 4" paper pieced animals - just some of the animals that we saw as well as a batik that she purchased.

This was a project of true love of Kenya and its people.

My sister received this quilt for Christmas while I still do not have a 'Kenya' quilt! I loved this one so much that I can't come up with an idea that will live up to this one.

Guild: Dalemead Quilting Guild, AB
Awarded: October 15, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: Will forward separately - not in my possession at the moment
Quilted by: Beverly Stevenson
Original Design: Inspired by - Used parts of pattern and altered from 'Kate and Friends' by Christine Thresh. Patterns were altered somewhat to make work in the design.

Vivien Worden
Log Cabin with Stars

The “Log Cabin with Stars” quilt was created with help from Eleanor Burns “Quilt in a Day” series but using narrower strips. I inserted stars for additional interest. The stars are the traditional Saw Tooth Star pattern. The border was created to use up leftovers and to make the quilt bigger! The quilt is reversible with a log pattern on the back using some leftover blocks. The finished set of the Log Cabins are in the Barn Raising Design. I tried to keep the colour palette such that no colour stands out too prominently.

Guild: Mayflower Quilters Guild, NS
Awarded: October 15, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 100" x 100"
Quilted by: TLC Quilt Studio
Quilt Magazine or Book: Quilt in a Day

Carolyn Mitton
Daisy Dance

Having collected and loving 30's prints for quite some time, I just couldn't come up with the right project until I came across "Daisy Dance". I knew right away that was the one. The hand appliqué blocks accompanied me on buses, planes and trains for quite a while. When I heard about our show I was determined to get it done and finally finished with just a few weeks to spare.

Guild: Greater Moncton Quilt Guild, NB
Awarded: October 13, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 80" x 98"
Quilt Magazine or Book: Fon's and Porter's Magazine

Linda Larmour
Celtic Knots and More

Appliqued and hand quilted. The knot patterns were randomly collected

Guild: Elliot Lake Quilt Guild, ON
Awarded: October 10, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 92 x 92

Pamela Hunt
My Tweets

Appliqued and hand quilted

Guild: Elliot Lake Quilt Guild, ON
Awarded: October 10, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 82 x 82
Pattern: Erin Russek


C'est ma première courtepointe. Je l'ai réalisée à l'intérieur d'un cours. Tous les appliqués ont été faits à la main, j'ai ajouté du boutis et de la broderie pour l'enjoliver. C'est une création de Mme Renée Porlier, mon professeur. Les pièces furent assemblées à la machine. Elle fut piquée à la machine, par Mme Lynn McFern qui a su mettre mon travail d'exécution en évidence.

Guild: Les Fees de la Montagne, QC
Awarded: September 30, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 84"x92"
Quilted by: Mme Lynn McFern

Lorraine Johnson-Brotsky
Low Tide

Quilted backing - free motion circular machine stitching; Oyster shells - quilted Duppioni silk, sparkle chiffon, cotton velvet; Seaweed / kelp - wet and needle felted hand-dyed Lambswool roving, Fly-tying chenille
Starfish - crochet variegated eyelash yarns, Glass Beads and large pearls

Guild: Vernon Silver Star Quilters, BC
Awarded: September 26, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 16" x 25"

Betty Stringer
Cover of 1921 Needlework Magazine

This year our club put out a challenge to create a quilt based on an illustration. We were to try to make an exact copy of it.

Guild: North Hastings Quilt Club, ON
Awarded: September 24, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 42"X561/2"

Linda Mackie Finley
"We Are All African"

An original design, with hand applique and embellished with stitching and paint, hand quilted.

Guild: Mahone Bay Quilters Guild, NS
Awarded: September 23, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 45" x 69"

Cathy Sears
Spring Bouquet

When Cathy's son announced wedding plans earlier this year, she set to work on a special gift for the couple. She chose an Edyta Sitar pattern called Spring Bouquet and a selection of batiks from the Edyta Sitar Laundry Basket collection. She began working in early March on the appliqued blocks and border. Each tiny piece of fabric was needle-turned and sewn to the background with barely visible stitches. In July, the quilt was assembled and sent to be top-quilted by Penny Bubar of Fredericton, NB. Cathy's exquisite needlework and color choices have made each block beautiful in itself and yet part of a harmonious whole. A unique and beautiful gift!

Guild: Highland Quilt Guild, NS
Awarded: September 23, 2016
Winner: Viewers Choice
Quilt Size: 72 inches by 72 inches
Quilted by: Penny Bubar, Fredericton, NB
Pattern: Spring Bouquet by Edyta Sitar

Judy LeClue

Original design, hand drawn using medieval church tiles and modern Zentangle Patterns. This quilt took 18 months to create. Machine quilted on a domestic machine.

Guild: Kennebecasis Valley Quilting Guild, NB
Awarded: September 14, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 83 by 92 inches

Ruthanne Drenth
Wall hanging

My husband is from Holland and we visited there a few years ago. We saw
lots of blue and white dishes, crockery, tiles etc. So when I saw the quilt pattern, it reminded me of my visit and I thought my husband would enjoy it as well. (He does.) It was a joy to make, a little long in my estimation to complete but I am so glad I did. It looks wonderful folded on the back of my family room sofa and might make it onto the wall one day.

Guild: Northern Lights Quilters Guild (North Bay), ON
Awarded: September 10, 2016
Winner: Best in Show
Quilt Size: 72" x 72"
Quilted by: Ruth Jones, South Shore Quilter
Quilt Magazine or Book: Dutch Treat by Judy Garden

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