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Summer 2017

Summer 2017 - Hello Canada

Happy Birthday Canada!  
With such a momentous year underway, the summer issue of Canadian Quilter is focused on all things Canadian. There are loads of projects for quilters:  make an art quilt of the Parliament Building, whip up a festive set of placemats for your Canada Day celebrations or make your own Hexie necklace to wear with pride!  We included photographs of fascinating quilts from Canadas' history and we have a special feature written about Laurie Swim's quilt-in-progress, which commemorates the Halifax Explosion of 1917. Enjoy celebrating Canada's birthday with CQA/ACC and the Canadian Quilter!

Featured Article: The Halifax Explosion Centenary Quilt

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Spring 2017

Do You Guild? /Mystery Box Challenge/Busy Young Bees

The theme of this issue, "Do you Guild?" features a selection of articles submitted by member guilds including a special guild project! In addition, learn all about one of Quilt Canada's amazing teachers, Sue Patten, and catch the latest Quilt Canada news... eleven quilt shows under one roof! 

Featured Article: Days for Girls

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Winter 2016

Cantik Batiks Youth Challenge, Quilt Hugs for Fort McMurray

Help CQA/ACC make 1,000 quilts for Ronald McDonald House® locations across Canada! Learn how to participate in the Big Quilt Bee in the winter issue of Canadian Quilter. Take part in the CQA/ACC Trend-Tex® Challenge. Stitching a Canadian Memory is the theme… share your Canadian memories with quilters across Canada! Join our very own Liz Thompson on page 36... walk through Liz’s simple directions and make your quilting buddy a Mug Rug! Read advice from longarm quilters in the Canadian quilting industry and learn how to find and hire a longarm quilter to finish your quilts. Garner tips and tricks about how to start your own quilting business! Sponsor a Canadian youth to enter the Cantik Batiks® Youth Challenge. Support the Next Generation of quilters!

Featured Article: Slab Blocks and Quilt Tops

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Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016

"Mom's Who Quilt" is the theme of our Autumn 2016 issue with all kinds of projects and ideas to inspire Moms (and Grand-Moms!).  There are also over 30 pages of Quilt Canada 2016 details with award-winning quilt photographs and behind-the-scene stories.

Featured Article: Dreaming Big Dreams

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Summer 2016

Summer 2016

The summer issue of Canadian Quilter arrives in mailboxes across Canada in May—the height of quilt show season. Guild members will be adding finishing stitches to bindings and hanging sleeves to make quilts ready to display. Although the main purpose of guild shows is to exhibit quilts, there are an abundance of other activities designed to entice attendees to meet with friends and stay for the day: tearooms, vendor shops, raffle draws, demos and member boutiques. This issue is full of projects and ideas designed for guild quilt shows. Enjoy!

Featured Article: Jim Wilford- The Quilted Path

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Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Have a look at our play-themed issue for spring 2016!  Part of connecting with people and learning about each other, is playing together.  The joking, the teasing and the shared laughter help build community.  Even though hard work is often involved, play makes fast friends.

In quilting, play is also a wonderful way to explore new techniques or gain skills.  In this issue we have projects that encourage play.  Bring back your inner child (and crayons) to colour a quilted dragonfly....directions start on page 58.  Read Beth Cameron's reviews about new quilt books that offer opportunities to play on page 81.  Learn about all the places to play at Quilt Canada 2016 on page eight.

Featured Article: A Day at Quilt Canada 2016

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Winter 2015

Winter 2015

The Canadian Quilter – Winter 2015

The theme of this issue of The Canadian Quilter is all about modern. Many of our regular column-writers focus on modern this issue. Read about the latest modern quilting books reviewed by Beth Cameron on page 17. Learn tips about thread on page 38. Discover contemporary designs in machine-quilting on page 45. Read about the slow method of modern quilting shared by Daintry Chitaroni on page 82.

There are special modern projects in this issue as well! Try your hand at making a bright hexie pillow for a loved one or friend. If you’re a busy, on-the-move kind of quilter, you’ll love the fanny pack project! Make one up and carry your thimble, needles and other goodies with you everywhere you go. Speaking of modern projects—learn a new computer program with Lauren MacDonald and design your own quilting patterns—she makes it easy and fun.

Quilt Canada 2016 is getting closer! Read about everything new at the conference next June held in Toronto. The article can be found on page 8. Learn more about the excellent instructors—Jane Sassaman on page 14 and Anna Hergert on page 18. Join in the fun and excitement of being a Canadian quilter—travel to Quilt Canada!

Featured Article: Jane Sassaman Interview

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Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015

Check out the story behind the magazine cover along with other photos from the 2015  Canadian Quilters' Association Lethbridge Quilt Show.

Featured Article: Hostaholic

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Summer 2015

Summer 2015

Many interesting articles, interviews and patterns available in this issue!

Featured Article: Youth Challenge 2014

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Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Celebrate Spring! 

Featured Article: Painting

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Winter 2014

Winter 2014

The theme is Friendship.  Read stories about friendship and quilting.  Learn about a new appliqué method from Cindy Scraba. Learn about new tools from Daphne Greig.  Learn about a simple way to create original quilts by Albertina Pianarosa.  Make a wonderful pillow or wall hanging with a pattern by Marlene Wymenga.

Articles by

Melissa Bieman, Kathleen Bissett, Hélène Blanchet,  Elinor Burwash, Beth Cameron, Laine Canivet, Daintry Chitaroni, Jo Ferguson, Tamara Gilhuly, Daphne Greig, Mary Hawkins, Joyce Heard, Catherine Henderson, Anna Hergert, Anje Bruch Hilkers, Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer, Kerry Karram, Tracey Lawko, Lauren MacDonald, Janet Madeyski, Isla Marsh, Brandy Lynn Maslowski, Karen Mendler, Marilyn Michelin, Ada Moyles, Joyce O’Connell, Eleanor Petrie, Teresa Petriw, Albertina Pianarosa, Dawne Rudman, Cindy Scraba, Marvella Smith, Jackie White, Marlene Wymenga,

Featured Article: A Different Kind of Anniversary

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Autumn 2014

Autumn 2014 - National Juried Show - Dog Days of Summer - Lest We Forget

The Autumn 2014 issue of The Canadian Quilter is filled with photos from Quilt Canada 2014:  Wonders of Niagara (Members received with their magazine a separate booklet – the catalogue of the National Juried Show 2014 so that they could read all the quilters’ statements and view all the quilts in the show).

The theme of this issue is ‘Tell Your Story’ so you will read stories by Carmen Portelli, Barb Spence, Sharon Bourque, Pauline Grondin, Daintry Chitaroni, Beth Cameron, Catherine Henderson, Deborah Sears and Rita Wasney.

Many aspects of Quilt Canada 2014 are included.  You can relive your visit to St. Catharines by reading about the shows, the Annual General Meeting, the awards and the Trend-Tex Challenge report.  Many CQA/ACC members will relate to Hennie Aikman’s feelings about looking forward to Quilt Canada and planning for it annually! Other authors who wrote about Quilt Canada include Laine Canivet, Marcy Horswill, Jackie White, Nina Stahlschmidt and Susan Bowslaugh.

No sooner than one Quilt Canada has finished, but we all begin to hear about the work behind the scenes in planning Quilt Canada 2015 to be held in Lethbridge, AB.  Linda Schmidt, Vice President, introduces the Blowing in the Wind Trend-Tex Challenge for 2015.  The Local Organizing Committee for the conference gives a description about the locale, the teachers and their workshops.  And Marilyn Michelin, Director at Large, explains ‘Lollygagging to Lethbridge’ – the guild challenge for this year.  For quilters planning their National Juried Show entry for 2015, the article by winner Deanna Gaudaur will be very interesting.

Without giving you descriptions of every article in this magazine, suffice it to say that this issue will engross you with a pattern ‘Lest We Forget’ by Corinne Hewitt (missing pattern pieces can be found in the Members Only section of this website) and articles by Judy Weiss, Cindy Scraba, Daphne Greig, Anna Hergert, Kathy Bissett, Lauren MacDonald, Jo Ferguson, Brandy Lynn Maslowski, Ada Moyles, Karen Killins-Robinson, Linda Schmidt, Marilyn Michelin, Shirley Scharfe and Corinne Hewitt.

Featured Article: Quilt Artist

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Summer 2014

Youth Challenge Results, Creative Spaces, Learn Online with Canadian Teachers - Summer 2014

This Summer 2014 issue is 'dense' with news, articles, photos and patterns.  We interview Canadian designers Sherri Hisey and Cynthia Frenette and show a 'scrapture' technique by Frances H. Emery.  More creative spaces (Marsha Cochrane and Catherine Cherrier) are described with photos.  Computer related articles discuss Electric Quilt, our website and social media.  We read about a quilt retreat that was snowbound during the winter.  Another article highlights award-winning Quebec quilters.  Reading the guild reports from many Canadian guilds is always informative (and amazing if you see that one guild donated 331 quilts to charity!).

Our authors in this issue include Georgia Beale, Hélène Blanchet, Irma Bull, Beth Cameron,Laine Canivet,  Shirley Challice and Joyce Armstrong, Daintry Chitaroni, Irene Dewar Frances H. Emery, Daphne Greig, Claire Haillot, Marcy Horswill, Judy Kelly,  Linda Kittmer and Jo-Anne Venderme, Tracey Lawko, Lauren MacDonald, Carol MacLean,  Dorinda McCully, Ada Moyle,  Joyce O'Connell, Susan Purney Mark, Brandy Lynn Maslowski, Cindy Scraba,  Laurie Swim,  Gayle Szmurlo, Lana Thomson, Joan Tufts, Jackie White

Featured Article: Learn Online with Canadian Teachers

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Spring 2014

In Celebration of - Exotic Emerald - Quilt Canada 2014 Faculty

We meet the magazine's new editor, Marcy Horswill, in this issue.  We also bid farewell to Jill Buckley as our Artist in Residence, as she gives us some guidance in documenting our creative process.  Following the theme 'In Celebration of', there are articles from both guilds and individual members.  The Autumn challenge winners' quilts are displayed.  We also include an article about working with young quilters.  You will find the photos and descriptions of the faculty for Quilt Canada 2014 in this issue.

We feature a pattern by Rosemary Makhan, an accomplished Canadian applique artist and quilter who has since passed away.

Featured Article: Build Your Library

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Winter 2013

Quilting Events - Making Your Own Cards - Comforting Alberta Flood Victims

Let`s look at this issue. A number of coincidences happened this time. First of all, the Canadian designers featured have become personal favourites of mine as I worked with more than 1,000 quilters to do a mystery quilt which they recently featured online. Yet another chance happening, two regular contributors chose to share how to make cards – both with new twists on old ideas. I believe that you will enjoy their efforts. Just after the flood waters hit Southern Alberta many people started making quilts and we have three different articles about those efforts in different parts of the country.

And there are lots more articles for you to enjoy between the covers.

Featured Article: Seasons of the Okanagan

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Autumn 2013

Quilt BC 2013, NJS 2013, Technology

This time we feature lots of pictures and information about the events of Quilt BC 2013. When we see all the happenings it’s not difficult to imagine that Penticton was privileged to have such magnificent works on display and such fun activities in which to partake.

Please enjoy reading about the quilt on the cover, which won Viewer’s choice at the National Juried Show. Also look over the creative uses of fabric in the CQA/ACC Trend-Tex Challenge. The Trend-Tex Fabrics ad on the inside back cover will give you a glimpse of what is in store for 2014!

The Canadian Quilters’ Association honoured two special quilters, our Dorothy McMurdie and Teacher of the Year award winners, and we have that story for you, too. Also, being introduced this time are two new members to the Board of Directors.

My curiosity was piqued as I read Daphne’s gizmos and widgets; like myself, you may not be familiar with this technology. But once piqued, our curiosity cannot be contained and I am so pleased that she chose this topic.

We feature all kinds of quilts; the Grand National show was spectacular, once again. The guilds are producing wonderful creations and we had terrific results to challenges. Speaking of challenges, some of our Directors have been busy finalizing results of past challenges and creating new challenges for you.

Featured Article: Understanding the Call for Entry & Following Through for a Successful Outcome

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Summer 2013

Teaching, Modern Quilting, Challenge Results

In this issue we cover the topic of teaching with a few excellent articles, each different in its own way. We have placed some emphasis on our member quilt shops; please visit them regularly.

Modern quilting is being covered extensively as a new movement which we want to include along with our traditional outlook.

Niagara is a vibrant quilting community which we tell you about and hope that you will visit in 2014.

We present a couple of ideas for creating your own fabrics. We tell you how to make fabrics to dye for and in another article how to achieve ice dyed fabrics.

Creative ideas are shared by our featured Canadian designer and our resident artist, Jill.

The judge’s corner shows us the various types of machine quilting and there are lots of program ideas to be found in the regional reports. As there are additional interesting stories, be sure to turn every page.

And challenges – we have a few to mention. The Youth Challenge has ended and we show three winners.  We also show The Where Do You Read…challenge winners and offer a new, very creative challenge Through the Eyes of a Bug.

Featured Article: What is Modern Quilting?

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Summer 2014

Youth Challenge Results, Creative Spaces, Learn Online with Canadian Teachers

The summer 2014 issue is packed with news, articles, reviews and patterns!  The Winter 2014 Challenge winners are presented with the quilters' statements.  Two designers (Sherri Hirsey and Cynthia Frenette) are featured.  There is a description of a winter quilt retreat that became snowbound so that the quilters were 'forced' to stay indoors and quilt.  Another article highlighted several award-winning Quebec quilters.  Articles outlined the menu changes at and how to use Social Media effectively.  The guild reports included a guild that donated an amazing 331 quilts to charity!  Take a look at the Creative Spaces of Marsha Cochrane and Catherine Cherrier. 

The authors in this issue were: Georgia Beale, Hélène Blanchet, Irma Bull, Beth Cameron, Laine Canivet, Shirley Challice/Joyce Armstrong,  Daintry Chitaroni, Frances H. Emery, Jo Ferguson, Daphne Greig, Claire Haillot, Judy Kelly, Linda Kittmer/Jo-Anne Vanderme, Tracey Lawko, Carol MacLean, Lauren MacDonald,  Brandy Lynn Maslowski, Dorinda McCully, Ada Moyles, Joyce O'ConnellSusan Purney Mark, Cindy Scraba,  Laurie Swim, Gayle Szmurlo, Lana Thomson, Joan Tufts, Jackie White

Featured Article: Learn Online with Canadian Teachers

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Spring 2013

Quilting Groups, Pincushion Challenge, Modern Quilting

Let’s look at the theme of this issue – quilting groups. I daresay the best feature of belonging to a quilting group is the support received from the group. They accept you and your work and give you the creative support which allows you to grow, expressively. Many groups provide much more, though, and it is the additional support we get from the group which cannot be rivalled. In this issue we have several articles related to our quilting groups theme.

We have the results of the Pincushion Challenge—when we speak of creative, these are an excellent example. I, personally, was thrilled with the results.

We’ve lots of good information for you this time. Note the couching project by the Langley Group and the instructions on how to make Alzheimers quilts. Daphne provides us with the latest in quilting gadgetry and Daintry discusses some pros and cons of having judged shows. Our creative quilters, Jill and the featured designer, give us a new pattern and new ideas to try.

And we learn about Facebook and Virtual Quilting Groups, as well, as young quilters, quilters who have joined our regional representatives group, and quilters who have been honoured. 

Featured Article: Couching Exchange: A Great Guild Activity

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Group Quilts, Designing, Quilters

The topic of designing applies to lots of things, not just our beloved quilting. In fact, The Canadian Quilter has many design possibilities. However, it is quilting which incorporates, possibly, the most opportunity for variation. In this issue a couple of Longarmers give us glimpses at how they look at quilting design. And, Jill’s (Artist in Residence) small whole cloth quilt offers great design possibilities. And thanks to Heather Boyd we have an interesting way to use leftover, small pieces of fabric.

Although we have some interesting articles on the topic of design, we don’t stop there as we feature lots of other articles which give us food for thought. I find Daintry’s discussion of group quilts to be both interesting and thought provoking, Daphne’s Gizmos column is full of ideas, and prepare yourself emotionally to read about keeping quilts safe. Special thanks is extended to Danielle Swerhone and to Cindy Simpson, the former for bringing the Calgary Stampede Quilt to our attention and to the later for making sure we learned about it and have pictures to share.

You will learn about lots of interesting quilters, this time, including some new regional representatives and foreign members.

And, about travelling--enjoy a trip to Newfoundland with our own Ada Moyles as she visits various quilters there and shows us some of their quilts. Or visit our Canadian quilts on display in France. Or, if you are planning to travel to Penticton for Quilt BC, see what is being planned. And you may want to stop at our featured Quilt shop—it will also be represented in the Merchant Mall. As well, we are starting to rev up for the next Quilt Canada-- 2014.

Featured Article: Beyond the Fringe: Rag Quilts

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Autumnn 2012

Quilt Canada 2012, Teacher of the Year, National Juried Show 2012

The autumn issue is overflowing with pictures and stories. We have great coverage of Quilt Canada 2012. What an exciting time in Halifax with the many quilt shows, fun workshops, food and entertainment! Many of those moments were captured in the pictures taken by Deanne Hemphill and Laine Canivet and shown here.  Also featured were the winning quilts from the National Juried Show and the CQA/ACC Trend-Tex Challenge, and our deserving Teacher of the Year, Renske Helmuth.

Your response to the theme of Challenges was overwhelming. In this issue we have a couple of guild ideas for challenges, a quilt show challenge, the challenge of exhibiting a quilt show, creating  guild banners and lots more. Enjoy learning all about challenges of many kinds related to quilting!

Featured Article: Photos from Quilt Canada 2012

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Summer 2012

Canadian Quilts Go to France, Early CQA, Featured Shop

There are so many ways we can have fun while quilting. I enjoyed the article you will find on pages 20 and 21 which tells how quilters get together to work on quilts for others and have lots of FUN in the process. And, isn’t it terrific how learning something new, as Ada did when creating her own fabric patterns with her friend, can give us joy.  Even a new idea can please us immensely. The new Guild Library idea on page 16 is delightful and should add to any guild’s meetings. We are so lucky that Daphne has fun trying new quilting gadgets and Cindy loves thread. A Mother and Daughter team show us how quilting together can be the best way to quilt.  Even the longarmers are sharing their fun moments with us. Don’t you just love how Jackie White sees the FUN in, just about, everything!

We share with you this time a couple of fun projects, a whimsical wall hanging by Applepatch Designs and our Artist in Residence shows us how to create a centre of attention.

Hope you noticed that cute quilt on the cover. It is the winning quilt in our recently finalized Youth Challenge (pages 52 and 53). The Association is gearing up for another Challenge - see page 16 for the How Far Can You Stitch? Challenge - and, the theme for the next issue will be Challenges.

Featured Article: Centre of Attention

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Spring 2012

Small Packages, Members in the UK

There is a saying, “good things come in small packages” and we certainly have some good articles about small quilts to share with you. We feature small quilts from swaps with internet quilters, coffee table quilts and landscape miniatures, just to name a few. The benefits of small quilting can be many, as you will read – new quilting friends, using up your stash, trying new techniques and being free to experiment.

When it comes to meeting new quilting friends, we have a wonderful article about attending a conference and taking a workshop. As well, we have some tips for travelling with your sewing machine, just in case you want to fly with yours to Halifax in May.

Speaking of May and the Quilt Canada 2012 event – it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun – something not to be missed. Colleen Patton’s article will give you just a taste of what the committee is working diligently to bring about for your enjoyment.

Barb Grimster has put forth a remarkable effort to contact our members abroad and brings you information about those members in this issue and in planned future issues. I know that she is really enjoying meeting these quilters, so this should translate into your enjoyment of reading about them.

Featured Article: Landscapes

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Winter 2011

Quilted Greetings

Let’s start with finishing- not my strong point. I have many UFOs underway. So, needless to say, I never get to the embellishing part. But many of you have and are sharing with us the why and how of embellishing. We had a great number of articles arrive for our current topic, even the regular writers did a superb job of relating to it. I especially enjoyed Daintry’s take on embellishing and this article is not to be missed for any guild seeking government funding. Enjoy making Jill’s quilted greetings and reading about fabric and food from Ada. Since we know the value of laughter in our lives, be sure to read all about the typical guild meeting by Jackie White. You may want to share your copy of The Canadian Quilter with a quilting friend so that she/he, too, can share the light-heartedness of what we do. When you read the regional reports you will see that the Langley, BC grouphas a great monthly guild newsletter with recipes, hints and humor! - check it out at

Featured Article: Quilted Greetings

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Autumn 2011

Quilt Ontario 2011 *CQA/ACC Trend-Tex Challenge* National Juried Show

Quilting Green

When I came up with the idea of quilting green as the topic for this issue, my thoughts went immediately to many different versions of the colour green. Your responses to the theme were much better! As you can see in the Table of Contents there were many different approaches. You will find even more ideas in the regional reports and on the Let's Keep in Touch page. Quilting green in the sense of thinking of our planet is a positive direction to take in quilting.

Well, the big story is about Quilt Ontario 2011! Although I didn't attend, I did, however, get a wonderful feeling about the whole event as the pictures started arriving. I hope that we are able to convey that energy to you as you view the coverage.

Congratulations to the entrants in the National Juried Show 2011. It was a pleasure to work with your entries as we put together the NJS Guide and something new this year, the NJS DVD. Inserted into each issue you will find your copy of the NJS Guide for 2011.  In the interest of considering the GREEN, we have placed the Call for Entry for 2012 and handbook for Quilt Canada 2012 on our website, so you will not find them inserted in this issue, as is usually the case.

Featured Article: Give Your Quilt Its Best Shot

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Summer 2011

Canada,eh! Quilt Stores, Shop Members


For me, quilt shows are exciting! I am amazed at how colour, texture and contrast have been used to dramatic effect.The results of the Canada Eh! contest are great examples of this.

When we suggested the topic of shows, you came back to us with interesting ideas for your shows and unusual venues. From making waves to going to a small island by ferry, to taking your show on the road, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to having a show. You will enjoy the creative approaches used by quilters to present their quilts, similar to the kind of creativity they employ when making their quilts.

The judging of quilts is a nice accompaniment to our show theme. This time, it seems that the judging of quilts is on your minds, so we have devoted five pages to the topic.

Another consideration for show presenters is the topic of copyright and Barb Round has provided an interesting perspective on how to approach this issue. 


Featured Article: Canada,eh! Contest Results

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Spring 2011

Quilts, Fabrics and Shows

You will enjoy reading this time why and how Pippa Moore has decided to use African fabrics. This is definitely an adventure in pattern and colour. Marianne Parsons shows us how using just small bits of fabric can have a huge impact. Irma Bull helps us grasp the idea of covering a whole car in a quilt. And those interested in recycling will enjoy Diane’s article on the use of nursing uniforms in quilts.

The pattern featured for the Apple Blossom quilt should give you some ideas for spring and summer and you can learn how to do some thread painting and embellishing from this pattern.

You may want to make some fun fabric bowls for Quilt Ontario 2011. We feature the pattern for these, too.

We haven’t forgotten about guilds. This time, we give you great articles on what guilds are doing, be it in the way of creating, having fun or being charitable.

Featured Article: Heirlooms Honoured

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Winter 2010


The articles are focused on giving. They seem toreflect a positive impression, that wonderful feeling that one gets from being able to provide reassurance to others that someone cares. It just gives us something to think about as we turn the pages of this issue and note how delighted the recipients of these gifts appear to be. It seems that giving definitely has a twofold reward.

This is mostly a “feel good” issue of The Canadian Quilter and I hope that you will enjoy all the wonderful pictures, as well as the articles.

Featured Article: Do you want to see My Quilt at the next National Juried Show?

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Fall 2010


What a pleasure to receive your emails this time on the topic of Connections! I always marvel at the many ways in which quilters interpret a theme. It really shouldn’t be a surprise as you often give new meaning to ideas as you create challenge quilts to illustrate a theme. For example, look how “the sky’s the limit” was interpreted for the CQA/ACC Trend-Tex Challenge 2010 –starting on page 16. I wonder what the quilts for 2011 will be like as you let loose your imaginations on the theme “Quilting in the Forest”.

What fun they must have had in Calgary! Just look at the cowgirls who headed up the CQA/ACC Local Organizing Committee, pictured on page 6. The Winds of Inspiration conference is described for us in detail and then we get to see the winning quilts for the National Juried Show, as well as for the CQA/ACC Trend-Tex Challenge.

Featured Article: Crayola Challenge

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Summer 2010


Many found ways to describe progress in an interesting light. Kathy Tidswell shares her quilting progression, some guilds have seen lots of growth and are celebrating milestones, and Brigette Red tells us: “Our members have come to know the Drop-in as a place to enjoy the fellowship of others, to get helpful advice, to sandwich their quilt tops and to generally ‘soak in’ a modern quilting bee atmosphere. Now that’s progress!”

We learn of Victoria Gray’s progressive challenges, how quilters are helping others within our country and abroad, the sucesses of some of our quilters, the religious-themed works of Blanche Gates and the memories of Margaret Rhodes.

People are sharing with us their knowledge of design, the progress of the Judging Certification Programme,  new tax information and great patterns.

And if you are planning to do some travelling in Canada this summer, you will want to check pages 20 and 21 to see where our member shops are located. Or if you feel like taking an adventure via the internet, check out their websites.

Featured Article: Taxing Times

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Spring 2010


I know that a lot can be said about creativity and we have some interesting perspectives on the subject to share with you this time. Creativity is essential to quilting and, perhaps, is the impetus that drives us to want to make yet another quilt. The Kennebacais Quilters of New Brunswick have been creating quilts for Victoria Quilts, Linda Marshall shares her inspirations for recent CQA/ACC Trend-Tex Challenge entries, Anna Hergert shares her quilts and sources of inspiration, Berna Ostapovitch is hoping that quilters will use their creativity to Dive Right In, and several guilds share their posters.

You will experience the delight of seeing creativity at its best from our coverage of the Taking Flight, O’ Canada and Quilters’ Harvest quilt shows, as well as the rosette winners and quilts from Ireland.

Featured Article: Creativity

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Winter 2009


For the issue at hand, we do have lots of interesting content this time. We have articles about the warm of giving quilts and you will find information about this sprinkled throughout the regional reports, as well.  We have informative articles on being safe when doing some of the latest embellishment techniques, on using the latest gadgets,  about the settings used in putting together the quilts of yesterday, along with a masking tape idea and some wonderful guild ideas. You are going to learn about some quilt shows and some wonderful quilters and what you should know about entering a juried show.

Featured Article: A stitch in Time

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Autumn 2009

Guild Banners

In keeping with the theme this time, I guess we could say that this is a banner issue of The Canadian Quilter – a first, we are a full 100 pages which I hope that you will enjoy.

Quilt Saskatchewan 2009 was a wonderful experience for the participants and we have tried you provide a good overview so that you will have a feeling of knowing what happened.

In additional to the banner coverage, which is extensive as the response was overwhelming showing that you were anxious to share your banners (as it should be), we also have articles on giving quilts and the making of special quilts.

You kept Marilyn very busy this time with all the articles submitted  from guilds for the Focus on Guilds section. She did a wonderful job of keeping track of these and if you fail to see your submission in this issue, look for it in the winter one as we did our best to fit as much as possible in the hundred pages. Wow, I like saying that!

Featured Article: Dorothy McMurdie Award

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Summer 2009


One of the definitions you will find in the Webster’s Dictionary for challenge is: “anything that calls for special effort”. Well, many of you have shown us what your special effort can produce and you have met,  over and above all expectations,  the challenge of coming up with creative ideas.  Not only that, but your challenge articles are delicious, colourful, creative and, most of all, fun.  It has been a joy to read and work with these articles and to compile this issue.  I believe that the enjoyment will extend to you, the readers , as you learn about the challenges which your fellow quilters have been challenged to create and about the resulting quilted works of art―and how about those pictures!  Now, I challenge you to come up with some new ideas after reading about these.

We have lots of good guild coverage this time. The regional reports will give you some great ideas and many of our guilds are celebrating their anniversary years, some are having wonderful quilt shows  and still others are making their mark on their communities by contributing to those in need.

What a summery cover this time! You will be delighted to know that we have included the pattern for this quilt, courtesy of Canadian designer, Joanne Middleton.  And if you are in the creative mood for making your own fabric (another great idea to use in your challenge quilts) then the article by Gunnel Hag showing us how to print on fabric using nature will be just  your cup of tea.

We also feature some articles about quilters who are travelling to other countries and are sharing with us the flavour of the quilting in those other areas. And speaking of travel, as you enjoy our wonderful summer and perhaps travel the country, you will want to check out the many events listed on pages 20-22 , as well as pages 68 and 69 showing where our member quilt shops are located across Canada.

Featured Article: Falling Leaves

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Spring 2009

Quilts of Yesteryear

The quilts of today are amazing in their execution and they are frequently more sophisicated.  The older quilts are much more humble in their presentation, yet certainly captivating. It is my hope that we continue to enjoy both kinds of quilts at shows.  And speaking of quilts of yesteryear, the pattern provided by Karen Neary shows how quilts of yesteryear can inspire us to create new quilts from the old traditional patterns.

This time in her regular column, Diane talks about quilt collecting and Beth tells us how to label our quilts so that future generations will have some knowledge of the quilts’ origins. Adaire Schlatter reminds us of the value of registering our quilts.

Our Canadian quilters are thinking of others.  There is a Namibia-Canada Quilt connection with Canadian quilters making quilts for Namibia children, quilters are also creating quilts for wounded Canadian miliary personnel,  others are producing anti-ouch pouches,  quilters are fund-raising  for African grandmothers who are raising orphan children and Maxine Nelson provides ideas for creating taxtile quilts for Alzheimer’s patients.

Colourful events are happening everywhere.  We provide coverage of outdoor quilt shows, of quilts being displayed in open houses to raise funds,  and we feature lots of award winning quilts.  You are sure to enjoy the colourful challenge quilts produced by the Marigold Appliquérs.

Featured Article: Marigold Appliquers Meet the Challenge

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Winter 2008


We received several articles which tied into our time theme nicely, one about technology, one about retreating, one about giving quilts, another about remembering – well, you get the idea. You will undoubtedly enjoy each and every one of them. Beyond those, we also have some GREAT stories to share. How about this for an intriguing title? - How to Avoid your 50th Birthday Party.

You should enjoy the pattern from Patchwork Studio. It looks fun to make.

Make sure you read about Triptych art and the Friendship challenge. They share a couple of ideas on how you can quilt together with friends, ideas that will probably get you thinking about how you can quilt with your friends.

Featured Article: Journey Through Time

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Autumn 2008

Pets and Quilting

What a conference in St. John’s! We were welcomed royally by the friendly people, many wanting to return. I know that you won’t be able to get that feeling from reading and viewing our coverage of the event; however, I hope that you will get a sense of the exposure to good:  food, fun, workshops, lectures, meetings and mostly quilts.

Our secondary topic this time includes the pets in our lives. Pictured here are my two rascals, Bear and Bing, who jumped through open windows with the intention of taking a drive. I say, “Boys, how about a driver’s license?” You will find a few more pets scattered throughout the issue.

Also interesting this time, there are a number of groups doing wonderfully giving things, such as the Whistler Valley Quilters who have made a quilt for their new library, the Poppy Quilt project for veterans, the Kawaratha quiltmakers Quilt of Hope, Orchard Valley quilters who are saving smiles, the Quilts for Healing Heroes project and all the examples packed into the regional reports.

We round out the publication with informative articles, a pattern to remember the Rock, a glimpse of lots of fabulous quilts shows and materials pertinent to Quilt SK 2009, including a registration form.

Featured Article: Quilts for Healing Heroes

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Summer 2008


When the multigenerational quilters theme was suggested to me, I thought what a great idea. And, indeed, you have responded, just as I did. We have four interesting articles, with wonderful pictures.

Yoskyl Webb of North Vancouver has sent me this picture of a quilt made for a baby, born blind. She believes that many of you may have already made tactile quilts or quilts for special needs and may have some good ideas of materials that can be used and how to construct quilts with those materials. Please feel free to send in pictures and ideas about tactile quilts and we will include them in a current issue.

Allowing our readers to send in pictures and stories about the quilts that they have made from the patterns which we have included in The Canadian Quilter, has also been suggested. I immediately thought, why not devote space in each issue to showcase the results. So, we look forward to receiving the pictures and information about the quilts which you have created using patterns from our newsletter.

This current issue offers much more than just the theme articles mentioned above and I think that we have great photography to capture and maintain your interest.

Featured Article: Higgledy-Piggledy Houses

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Spring 2008

Quilt Shows and More...

What an exciting time to be involved in the quilting community! Here we are starting another wonderful year - 2008. In 2007, a lot of wonderful events happened across this country. We are fortunate to be able to share a few of those with you. There were a number of quilt shows and some other special events such as the garden tour on Quadra Island and the visit from the Russian Quilters to Ailsa Craig, Ontario. You will also have an opportunity to learn about the Rosenburg Collection - a massive collection of antique quilts.

Information is shared. Bev has an idea for a group quilt, Pam tells us about using green in our quilts, we find out how one group used their Agnes Boal Bursary, Laurie Swim shares a bit of her new book, and we have three patterns from Canadian Designer, Susan J. Jensen, including the quilt shown on the cover.

Featured Article: Posies, Passions and Pathways

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Winter 2007

Learning from Quilting

It is no big surprise that we learn from quilting, just as we learn from all of our other everyday experiences. We have an article that shows how people have used quilting to intentionally learn, and it is called Slice. In another, a group of Quebec quilters have learned how much they appreciate each other.

I think that you will be most impressed by how much you can learn about digital photography - "You need to take the photos at the highest resolution (quality)." This and some of the other important things that Vivian shares with you about taking pictures to enter in competitions are also true for sending pictures to us for publication in The Canadian Quilter.

The Brockville Quilt indicates how quilters learned by doing and how they have completed a wonderful project to share with others. Lily Lam takes us down a creative path which allows us to see through the eyes of its creator. The story about Chloe Roberts gives us an idea of how much young quilters can accomplish.

Internationally, we have an opportunity to learn about the European Quilt Association and France Patchwork, as well as a chance to try a quilting project which they would enjoy. And we can learn why Canadian Quilters are heading for South Africa and the work that is being done there.

Beth's A Stitch in Time column is particularly helpful for those who want to have their quilts quilted by a long arm machine quilter. She tells us exactly how we need to prepare and what is expected.

And there is even more to learn.

Featured Article: The Glories of a Round Robin

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Autumn 2007


Remember when we didn't have huge stashes of fabric and when quilting wasn't really in vogue, but we did it anyway. Just as quilting has come a long way, so have we as Canadian quilters. Quilt BC 2007 was testament to that fact; one had only to look at the quilts at the various shows, including the impressive National Juried Show 2007, to be reminded that this is true.

We also feature two shows which happened in Ontario, the works of which are sure to impress you - the Grand National and the Ontario Juried Show.
Now, let's learn about some of the wonder articles that we received on the R theme. Melodie Fairburn tells us how to Recycle Dresden plates. We have a great article about quilters reaching out to young people to pass on the art of quilting, and we profile Kathleen Robinson. Even the Let's Keep in Touch column includes a couple of R's, and I believe that you will really enjoy REnditions of RE.

Featured Article: Quilt BC 2007

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Summer 2007

A Stitch in Time

The summer issue is full of the look of summer. We start with the cover quilt, just perfect for summer with its lovely colours. You can learn more about it on page 61. Then there is the Sunny Day Wall Hanging, the Compass Rose, and China Plate patterns, all lovely summer projects.

We have a couple of E theme articles: one about Susan Tilsley-Manley and her works; and, another on Extending vision, talent, friendship and a helping hand for 25 years - all about The South Shore Quilters' Guild.

Speaking of quilters who are expressing themselves in fabric, we bring you the works of Coreen Zerr, Johnnene Maddison and Karen Jurek, not to mention all those who have won CQA/ACC Rosettes for their quilts.

I was particularly impressed with Marianne Parson's creative spirit in finding a way to make her own embroidery hoop; I found it interesting to learn how Gunnel Hag creates texture when creating her own fabrics; and thought it fun to view the results of a Face Challenge. Then I was suitably wow'ed by the works of a group who call themselves, "Articulation".

Featured Article: A Stitch in Time

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Spring 2007

Social Aspects of Quilting

What do we mean by the social aspects of quilting? It is after all an activity that you can do all by yourself. In fact you can spend hours upon hours quilting in a meditative state as described in the Compassion in Action article. But, women take it another step. They participate in the community as a whole and contribute in meaningful ways through quilting. A good example is the story of Jean Gray who just donated her 500th Charity Quilt. And what are guilds, if not a coming together of people with similar interests, sharing common aims. You will see lots of that in the regional reports. Sylvia Brassington in her article reminded me how even quilts shows are a great way to bring people together, as they work toward a shared goal. Linda Rothe acquaints us with gatherings of a new kind?over the internet. And certainly not to be forgotten are the important fun times we experience in the company of others we have met through quilting, for example the Round Tuits and the Trippers.

Featured Article: Six Canadian Quilters Honoured

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