Annual Youth Challenge 2017 - My Place in Canada


This year the challenge is to complete a quilt based on the theme My Place in Canada using any style of quilting, such as art, traditional and/or modern. The quilt MUST include in a visible manner, all or part of, an eight-inch square of Cantik Batiks fabric, which you can obtain by sending a stamped and self-addressed envelope to: Rolanda Tovey, 760 Perivale Rd. W., PO Box 26, Spring Bay, ON P0P 2B0.

The quilt can be any size up to a 200 inch perimeter, but a smaller size may be easier to tackle. The quilt must be made of three layers and be quilted, either by hand and/or machine. It must be either bound or closed along the edges with either hand- and/or machine-stitching. The majority of the quilt must be the work of the young quilter.

The quilter may use any combination of hand- and/or machine-piecing, appliqué and quilting. The use of embellishments such as beads, embroidery, fibres, ribbon, paint, crayon, etc., is the choice of the young quilter. This is an opportunity to experiment and try new things!

The entry must be free of any text or images that are protected by copyright unless you have  written  permission  from  the  holder of the copyright. For any patterns or designs that are not your own, please give credit to the source.


The challenge is open to all elementary, middle and high school students in Canada. The entries must be sponsored by a CQA/ACC individual or shop member, in good standing. Members may sponsor more than one entry. By entering you are giving the CQA/ACC permission to display your quilt on its website, blog, social media and in the Canadian Quilter magazine.

Get the Youth Challenge Entry form here

Time Frame for Entry

New for 2017 we will have both an online component and a display of entries at Quilt Canada 2017.  Participants are invited to send their quilts to be displayed and judged at the conference. Viewers’ Choice will be chosen by viewers from the submitted photos that will be displayed on the CQA/ACC website.

Step 1) Email a photo of your quilt and the completed entry form to  between March 1 and March 31, 2017. The quilt photo will be uploaded to the CQA/ACC website and will be available for viewers to vote for Viewers’ Choice from April 5 to May 5, 2017.

Please remember that voting of Viewer’s Choice is based on the photo alone. The photo should be taken in good lighting, with no background distractions and at a close distance. It needs to be between one to three MB so when people look at it on our website your quilt will show clearly. All edges of your quilt need to be visible in the photo.

Step 2) Mail your quilt and a copy of your entry form to:  Rolanda Tovey,   760 Perivale Rd. W.,  PO Box 26,  Spring Bay, ON P0P 2B0 to be received no later than June 1, 2017. A label will need to be attached to the back of the quilt showing the title, artist’s name, date completed and credits, if any. The quilts will be displayed at Quilt Canada 2017, June 14-17, 2017, where they will be judged. After the event the quilts will be mailed back to the entrant.


Cantik BatiksA winner will be named in each of the following categories: elementary (Grades JK to 5), middle school (Grades 6 to 8), high school (Grades 9 to 12) and Viewers’ Choice.

The winners of each category will be featured, with their quilts, in the summer 2017 edition of The Canadian Quilter magazine. They will each receive a free copy of that issue. They will also receive a ribbon, a certificate and a prize of Cantik Batik fabric designed by textile designer Shania Sunga.

In addition, the Viewers’ Choice winner can choose a full 9.1 metre bolt of Cantik Batiks fabric or one metre of nine different Cantik Batiks chosen from the website: www.cantik

Members are encouraged to find young quilters! The sponsor of the entry who wins Viewers’ Choice will receive a free one year renewal of their CQA/ACC membership.